Ever thought about letting your machines horses run free? But you can’t find suitable motion profiles for getting everything out.

Then let us turn the tables by looking at your drives, motors, gearboxes and mechanisms constraints and generate an optimal suitable motion profile to see what your machine is able to take to the streets.

This exactly is Curve Fitting available in the SERVOsoft® v4 Optimizer PRO from ControlEng Corporation.

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For example if you have created a modified sine shaped profile for your movement like here…

… with a motor and inverter characteristics fit like that:

Then simply click “Create Curve Fit Spline” for each the accel and decel phase and select your desired optimization target…

… to achieve an optimized motion profile reducing the process time here for example from 0.7 to 0.5 seconds…

… with a perfect suitable fit to the motor and inverter characteristics like that:

Curve Fitting finds the optimal ramps. No guessing. No more “it’s good enough”.

With a click and within seconds, you get the optimal ramp profile. If you compete on performance, then Curve Fitting is a must!