In addition to Consulting as well as the SERVOsoft® Optimizer we can offer you the following single license packages. We will surely advise you which package is suitable for your needs best.

Package SiMoPoly: Evaluation of Polynomials and (multidimensional) Spline Curves / CAMs / Robotic Paths and PTP movements / Polynomial Regressions / Vibration Simulations

Package SiMoRob: Kinematics and Dynamics for Robots

Package SiMoCS: One-dimensional Cutting Stock Optimization

Package SiMoLP: Linear Programming Solver

Package SiMoPO.HC: Hill Climbing Algorithms

Package SiMoPO.GA: Evolutionary and Genetic Algorithms

Software Optimize Curves: CAM and Robotics-Pick&Place Editor and Optimizer

Software Add-on 3D Viewer: Visualization CAM and Robotics-Pick&Place

The packages are included in the object oriented SiMoLib.NET.dll for easy integration in the Microsoft. NET environment. Optimize Curves and 3D Viewer use these packages and form a simple user interface.

In the context of a simulation, Optimize Curves models and optimizes CAMs in conjunction with SERVOsoft® taking into account the entire physical model.

Certainly for all of our products we offer training courses and individual workshops. Or you may refer to Help and Examples.