“Paths are made by walking” – This quote from Franz Kafka comes true in a double sense in the search for mathematical approaches for optimal robot paths.

Inspired by both bionic, as well as genetic the diagram above shows an approach for automatically generating optimal robot paths by optimizing over the free user parameters, taking into account the kinematic and mechatronic robot model.


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In this case, the energy optimal path in the truest sense of the word arises from the fact that he “is walked on” respectively during an optimization run. And lastly you get, according to the constraints, the best path, in which the robot consumes the least energy.

Here, the optimization method can be applied to both point-to-point movements, as well as path movements (linear or circle movements and spline curves). Through this approach, you will automatically receive ergonomic, even elegant movements, as we know from the nature of man.

There we also can offer you our patented concept Green Automation in Motion.