With its digital automation strategy “Real Motion – Design – Size – Drive – Analyse – Optimize”, SIMON Modellierungen GmbH is now also a ctrlX World Partner. Thanks to the open ctrlX AUTOMATION platform, all SIMON Modellierungen software packages can be seamlessly integrated into the ctrlX OS respective the ctrlX CORE. In the case of motion applications, this enables them to be designed, simulated, analyzed and optimized directly on the controller.

Our partially patented motion processes with algorithms for kinematics and dynamics can be adapted to customer-specific applications and implemented with the integrated ctrlX MOTION​. As a result, with less wear and tear due to minimized forces and torques, longer life cycle times can be achieved and energy costs saved.

“By directly integrating the SIMON Modellierungen motion and optimization libraries into our ctrlX AUTOMATION platform, users save a lot of time because they can simulate machine movements and test them in the model before the system is completed” explains Hans Michael Krause, Head of Product Management ctrlX World at Bosch Rexroth.

“By merging the IT world, where the previous modeling, analysis and optimization took place, and the OT world of automation, we are coming a very big step closer to our vision of motion optimization from design over sizing to the real process, especially since we may now access real-time drive data on the controller, analyze it directly and optimize drive parameters there at the same time” adds Uwe Simon, Managing Director of SIMON Modellierungen GmbH.