imageThe SERVOsoft® Optimizer, developed working in close partnership with ControlEng Corporation, takes what is an impossible manual task, and reduces it to a few clicks. Consider manually trying to optimize the Slider Crank mechanism motion sequence for minimal torque. Or consider manually trying to optimize a sequence for energy efficiency while still maintaining the same move times and distances. With the Optimizer, set your parameters and constraints, click ‘Start’, and let the Optimizer do the work!
Together with ControlEng Corporation we also offer an Optimization Service for easily optimizing your motion tasks.

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The SERVOsoft® Command Line Interface Option for external optimization tools and the Optimizer PRO Auto Update feature now allows you to evaluate a machine’s physical model under different conditions. SERVOsoft® evaluates the entire powertrain in each optimization step, which specifies the mechanical model, and makes the results available so that physical simulations of a machine can easily be realized.

In addition our own software Optimize Curves, whilst interacting with SERVOsoft®, is now also capable of optimizing CAMs for cycle time regarding the complete physical model.