Polynomials can be used to automatically generate countervibrations in order to damp an end effector vibration. Therefore we provide our App Vibration Damping on the FLECS Marketplace. In the Bosch Rexroth ctrlX Store it will follow soon.

Thereby the setup for the algorithms is as easy as possible and the input data might be acquired using only a Smartphone video functionality.

The user interface illustrates how our optimization routines automatically detect a polynomial movement for the axis so that it is synchronized with the oscillation behavior of the end effector which thereby greatly attenuates. Thus it is achieved that at the same time at the end of the movement the axis and the end effector come to a standstill.

This method allows very flexible damping or even eliminating occurring vibrations, e.g. when handling liquids or generally elastic end effectors.

In addition, polynomials can be easily mapped to any standard motion control system as cams or tables, so no special operating system is necessary.

Vibrations before: Vibrations afterwards: