This is an article without a technical background, but maybe it is. Was recently at the stone drawings on Crap Carschenna. It was late and it was a magical evening so I decided to stay up there for the night. Was then at night at the rock carvings, sat down there and enjoyed the atmosphere of the mountains and the night. And as I lay there and time passed, I realized what the ring drawings mean. It’s just a theory, but I would have done it that way too. Lying there, since Crap Carschenna faces north, you can see the North Star firmly anchored in the universe. And all the stars revolve around it in the course of the night. And that every day. So what do you hammer in stone, your observations. Hereby advance the thesis that the ring drawings from Carschenna and elsewhere in the world are simply testimonies of celestial observation. I’m looking forward to a scientific exchange.