In addition to Mathematics Consulting as well as Motion Optimization and the SERVOsoft® Optimizer we can offer you the following single license packages. We will surely advise you which package is suitable for your needs best.

Package SiMoPoly: Evaluation of Polynomials and (multidimensional) Spline Curves / CAMs / Robotic Paths and PTP movements / Polynomial Regressions / Vibration Simulations

Package SiMoRob: Kinematics and Dynamics for Robots

Package SiMoCS: One-dimensional Cutting Stock Optimization

Package SiMoLP: Linear Programming Solver

Package SiMoPO.HC: Hill Climbing Algorithms

Package SiMoPO.GA: Evolutionary and Genetic Algorithms

The packages are included in the object oriented SiMoLib.NET.dll for easy integration in the Microsoft. NET environment.

Certainly for all of our products we offer training courses and individual workshops. Or you may refer to Help and Examples.