Our new software for modern Motion Design and Optimization allows at the interface between CAD ​​/ CAE systems, process simulation, motion controllers and drive sizing tools a uniform implementation of your overall mechatronic concept. Different approaches uniting Dr. Thomas Müller and SIMON Modellierungen developed the easy-to-handle Motion Design tool with 3D Viewer and Motion Optimization already on board.

In robotics you are able to optimize and simulate 3D paths with orientation including the complete robot model (masses and moments of inertia of load, robot arms, gears and motors). Paths can be created with optimization objectives such as minimum acceleration, reduced-power, energy-minimizing and last but not least minimum cycle time. This might result in minimal arm burdening, minimal wear and tear. Smooth handling can be achieved as well.

Motion Design Path

Even one or multidimensional CAMs can easily be created, optimized and visualized. This allows you to optimize your systems already in the design phase data-consistent from CAD to motion controllers.

Motion Design CAM

Let us impress you by the diverse possibilities of our Motion Design Software arranging an appointment at your site. We are looking forward to it!