SiMoLib.NET API V3.0.1.1
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 NSiMoCSOne-dimensional Cutting Stock Algorithms
 CCuttingStock1DFactorySetting up cutting stock objects
 CICuttingStock1DInterface to a single cutting stock algorithm thread
 NSiMoLPLinear Programming Solver Algorithms
 CILPInterface to a linear programming solver object
 CLPFactorySetting up linear solver objects
 NSiMoPOParameter Optimization Algorithms
 NGAEvolutionary and Genetic Algorithms
 CGeneticAlgorithmsFactorySetting up genetic algorithm objects
 CIGeneticAlgorithmsInterface to a single evolutionary and genetic algorithms thread
 CIStoppingCriteriaInterface for the stopping criteria for the single evolutionary and genetic algorithms
 NHCHill Climbing Algorithms
 CHillClimbingAlgorithmsFactorySetting up hill climbing algorithm objects
 CIHillClimbingAlgorithmsInterface to a single hill climbing algorithms thread
 CIParameterOptimizationCommon Interface to Parameter Optimization Algorithms
 NSiMoPolyPolynomial and Spline Evaluation Algorithms
 CIPolyInterface to a single polynomial function
 CISplineInterface to a multidimensional spline function
 CISpline1DInterface to a single 1D spline function
 CPolyFactorySetting up polynomial evaluation objects
 CSpline1DFactorySetting up 1D spline evaluation objects
 CSplineFactorySetting up spline evaluation objects
 NSiMoRobKinematics and Dynamics for Robots
 NParallelRobotParallel Robots
 CParallelRobotFactorySetting up parallel robot objects
 NSerialRobotSerial Robots
 CSerialRobotFactorySetting up serial robot objects
 CIRobotInterface to Kinematics and Dynamics for Robots